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Let Us Adore Bishop Paul S Morton
Bishop Paul S. Morton
To the Women of God everywhere,
God has spoken into my spirit that this is the time of the woman. In the spirit of Rahab we must intercede on behalf of our families. In the spirit of Ruth we must count faith and faithfulness as our restoration and sustenance for life. In the spirit of Deborah we must be willing to fight for what is Godly. In the spirit of Mary, Jesus' mother, we must do whatever He says do and follow Him always. In the spirit of Esther we must boldly come before our King on behalf of the people through much fasting and much  prayer. In the spirit of the woman at the well, we must confess our faults to Jesus so that He can free us and then go running to tell of his goodness to a dying world. In the spirit of Mary Magdalene, we must love Him more than life itself because we have been delivered and are eternally grateful and available to go with the Word of the Gospel in our mouth.
We will change our focus from the trials and tribulations imposed by  the enemy to Jesus and His promises; we will expect deliverance because we see ourselves as already delivered; we will walk in the fact that we are "worth it" because Jesus said we are; we will declare that even if things never change we will give God His just and due glory; we will take “self” out of the equation and lean wholly on God; we accept that the purification by fire is necessary in our perfecting process for the anointing to work in these last days; we will except our individual calling and realize that we do not suffer just for our own sake but for the sake of others; we will spiritually support the work of this ministry through regular prayer and supplication; we will willingly give of our time, finances and service to ensure the work that God has called us to will continually go forward;  we will compel souls to come to Christ; and we will intercede on behalf of our sister so that no woman is left behind...then we will all rise again to the Glory of God the Father!
Apostle S. Sheryl Hill Harris, GC-C, BRE, BSN
No Woman Left Behind Ministries, Inc
Stafford, Va
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